Weekend Fun Poll

What platform(s) of device(s) do you use?

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  • Michael Benninger


  • http://www.mithriltabby.com/ Max Kaehn


  • Linus Wang


  • Russell Golden

    In addition to Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, I also use B&N’s Nook 1st Edition (3G version), Fedora Linux, and CentOS 6 (rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6).

  • will nm

    i really hope u guys are coming up with a window 8 version.  as a premium member of the android version, i would pay for the windows 8 version also.

  • http://azadrah.net Sasan

    GNU Linux (Ubuntu & Archlinux)

  • arie de jonge

    Andoid phone and tablet
    Linux on my computers, windows in virtualbox

  • mojook M

    Windows 8 and Windows RT would be great

  • Chad Versace

    Chrome OS. Linux.

  • L.T. Easterly


  • Aaron Rowzee

    I would LOVE a Windows desktop version that I could sync my bookmarks and both personal and purchased books.

  • OmegaManwicH

    Please please please make a version for Windows phone 8! All the ereaders for it suck and I really miss my Aldiko!

  • OmegaManwicH

    As would I!

  • Eliana Caraballo

    windows 8 tablet

  • Angelica Acuña Soto

    Chrome OS… please realease a version for us!!!