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Update (3.0.32) is available to Aldiko for Android

We have just released update version 3.0.32 to Aldiko for Android. One of the main goals of this update is to fulfill the request by many of you to improve the support for Calibre. A lot of you use the great library management software Calibre for managing your books, it will be convenient if you can easily get your books from Calibre into Aldiko app. In the previous versions, to do this, you can either download your books from Calibre to your computer and then transfer the book files from your computer into Aldiko app on your Android device; or you can add your Calibre server’s IP address in the My Catalogs section of the Aldiko app, log in to your server and download books from there. In this new version, we make it even easier by being able to auto scan your Calibre catalog as long as your share your Calibre content server. After that, you can download your books from your Calibre catalog directly inside the app. No typing link, no log in are required. Here is the detailed instruction of how to operate this feature.

In addition, you may use Calibre to edit your book metadata such as book title, author, publisher, publishing date and description. After edition, these metadata will be reflected in Aldiko app after you import or download the books into Aldiko app. What’s more, we add support for 3 more Calibre metadata in this new update, which are Calibre ratings, Calibre series and Calibre series number. Supporting Calibre series was one of the most frequent feature requests we received. A lot of your have series of books in Calibre, after importing or downloading these books into Aldiko app, series will be shown as a collection in the Collection section of your Aldiko bookshelf. Books in the series will be arranged in the order of their series number.

Hope you enjoy this update. If you have any feedback, please feel free to let us know. Thank you!

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