Aldiko Supports Read an Ebook Week March 7-13

Update (March 17th, 2010) Over the Read and Ebook Week (March 7-13), there were 144, 360 books downloaded through the Aldiko Book Reader applications.

Thanks again for all authors, publishers, ebook stores that participated. Thanks for our users’ support for the event.

Update (March 7th, 2010): Read an E-book Week kicks off today! As part of the week-long celebration, we have made a special “Read an E-book Week” catalog on the Aldiko Book Reader app. A collection of free and discounted titles are available from March 7-13. Check it out! (Screenshots are attached at the end of the post)

A big thank to all authors, publishers and ebook-stores that participate!

Aldiko has announced to support the “Read an Ebook Week ” event this year (March 7-13) to celebrate the joy of electronic reading. The press release is as follows:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., February 25, 2010 — Aldiko Limited announced today that it is supporting Read an Ebook Week, an international literary event which will be held in March 7-13.

The purpose of the Read an Ebook Week is to raise the public awareness of electronic reading. Read an Ebook Week’s website ( provides information on the latest ebook reading devices, different ebook stores, benefits of ebooks, as well as the history and the future of ebooks. Visitors will be able to download free reads from different major retailers, authors and publishers during the Read an Ebook Week event period.

Aldiko Book Reader application allows users to seamlessly download thousands of content from different publishers right on their mobile devices, including Smartphones, tablets and other multi-purpose mobile devices, read at anywhere and anytime, organize their personal digital library on the go. It’s a one-stop place for users to discover, browse, purchase, download, read and organize a large selection of ebooks.

“We are pleased to support the Read an Ebook Week event.” said Tiffany Wong, co-founder of Aldiko Limited. “The mission of Aldiko is to bring more e-content to more readers. The collaboration between Aldiko and Read an Ebook Week a well as other participating partners will help bring new authors and readers to ebooks.”

About Aldiko Limited

Founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, Aldiko focuses on developing ebook reading software and solutions that revolutionize the way people access and consume digital publications on their mobile devices.

Our flagship product, the Aldiko Book Reader, lets users around the world: 1) Read ebooks directly on their mobile devices; 2) Browse and download ebooks from an extensive catalog of content; 3) Manage and organize their collection of downloaded content.




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