Import your own EPUB books to Aldiko

A heavily requested feature since last week is the ability to import EPUB files into your Aldiko bookshelf. We are excited to let you know that we pushed an update this morning that will enable you to do just that. Just copy your EPUB files into your SD card (in the eBooks/import/ folder), select the ‘Import’ option on the app’s home screen and it will automatically scan and import your books.

Another new feature is the ability to download EPUB books directly from the Browser. Click on any EPUB link on any webpage and you should be presented with an option to directly download the book to your Aldiko bookshelf.

We are grateful for all feedbacks that users gave to us. Please continue to send us feedbacks and help us spread the word.

  • Palanivelu Kandasamy

    I use Aldiko v3 in tablet Digiflip
    I could not see the epub file ( converted from pdf by pdfmate program, extn- .epub) in Aldiko
    tapping on the file directly says, no program to open the file

    Aldiko does not have a ‘import’ link

    It can be seen only thro ‘files’ then under sdcard.

    Can somebody give step by step operations in linking the epub file with aldiko
    PS: please try at your end and give the procedure

  • Mary Jane Cullars

    I have an RCA 7″ Voyager tablet, and I don’t know how to add my books to my tablet from my computer. It wont upload it from the play store book app. And when I plug my tablet into the computer I cannot find the folder for Aldiko to transfer my books. What am I doing wrong?

  • Anonymous

    What kind of files are they? Aldiko can read epubs and PDF for sure. So if you have these files I would plug my tablet to PC via USB, transfer the file into a folder (make a My eBook folder, for easy organizing), open Aldiko, go to Aldiko Home, click Menu, click Files, find the folder you copied your eBook files to and that should either upload it or open it. When you upload it to your Aldiko library it just makes a duplicate file of the eBook in the Aldiko eBook folder. Hope this works.

  • Candy

    I want to add collections and rename my ebook from my PC… is this possible and how do i do it. It will save me a lot of time.