[Did you know] you can create an Aldiko widget on your device’s home screen so that you can resume reading quickly and flip through the book covers beautifully?

The Aldiko widget will display the list of books that you are currently reading on your device’s home screen. This will not only make resume reading quickly (right from the device’s home screen), it will also provide an elegant way for you to flip through the book covers of your currently reading books. This feature is currently available in the Aldiko Book Reader Premium only and will work on Android devices running on Android 3.0 or above.

To add an Aldiko widget to your device’s home screen, just go to Add Widget section of your device, select touch and hold the Aldiko Premium widget  and drag it to the home screen of your device. That’s it.

You should now see the Aldiko Premium widget showing the list of your currently reading books on your device’s home screen.. Flip through the covers, resume reading  and enjoy!

Please note that you would need to install the Aldiko Book Reader app in internal memory of your device in order to make the widget feature work. To do so, go to System Settings -> select Apps ->Aldiko Premium, then tap on “Move to device” button.

Stay tuned for next week’s tips and tricks! Come back to check it out!

  • Kurt Paolo Sevillano

    I hope you can make another version where the books are laid out horizontally as if they were in a shelf.

  • Julian Andres Ortiz Corrales

    I’d like it a little bigger.