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Borrow and return books from your local libraries without leaving the app (Aldiko for iOS)

We released the Aldiko for iOS yesterday, we are glad and grateful that we have received many positive feedback from you already. We will do a few blog posts to introduce some nice features in the Aldiko for iOS app. One of the top features in the app is borrowing and returning books from your local library without leaving the app. Here is how:

When you are in the app, tap on the “Libraries” icon at the bottom bar to go to the Libraries section. After that, select “Add” at top right of the page to add your local libraries. The app provides 3 ways for you to find your local libraries. The easiest way is by location. Once you grant Aldiko’s access to your location, Aldiko will show libraries close to you. A second way is by list. You can browse country list, city list and library list to find your local library. The last way is by search. Simply entering the name of your local library or some keywords to do a search.

After you find your local library, click on the “+” icon next to the library name, the library will be added to the My Libraries page. You can click on it to enter the library’s catalog, add your library card info, find and borrow books.

Once a book is borrowed and downloaded, it will be in your Aldiko bookshelf. There’s a label on top of the book cover to show you how much time you will have left before the book is expired.

When you finish reading a borrowed book, you can return it right within the app as well. Just simply touch and hold the cover of a book and then select “Return. Voila! the book is returned.

Below is a video showing the whole process mentioned above. We hope you enjoy this Libraries feature. We welcome your feedback!

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