Aldiko Update Version 2.1.0 to All: New Tablet-Optimized User Interface and More

We have finally released the Aldiko Book Reader version 2.1.0 update to free users last weekend. The latest version added:

  • New Honeycomb tablet-optimized user interface

For more details, you can also read the blog post here:

  • Opening and importing files into the Aldiko Book Reader directly from browser, email attachment, third-party apps like Dropbox

For instructions, please visit this blog post here:

  • Opening PDF file attachment in Gmail client on Android 3.0+ tablets


  • Finnish and Hungarian User Interface
  • And More

Besides these new features, we’ve also added new OPDS callbacks feature support, improved the quality of book covers in the store, improved performance and fixed miscellaneous bugs.

Download the latest version from the Google Play (Android Market) or from our website. We welcome your feedback, let us know what you think.

Happy reading!

  • Anonymous

     Hey folks!
    I am using Aldiko on my Asus Transformer 101 Tablet with ICS installed. If I am reading an epub or a pdf the menu bar on the top is missing. I mean the bar you can see on your screenshot from whitefang above. Is this issue already known? Where can I open an issue ticket?

    TIA, Julian

  • Admin


    This is not a known situation. Could you please send us a support ticket so that we can assist you? You can submit a ticket here: