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Aldiko for iOS-Available Now

Today, we’re excited to bring you Aldiko for iOS. We’ve already seen over 27 million downloads of Aldiko for Android, and many of you have told us that you enjoy reading eBooks and building your bookshelf in Aldiko. We’re now thrilled to offer a way to iOS users to read, download, organize, borrow and return eBooks on iOS devices as well.

We’ve been working so hard to make the Aldiko iOS app a first-class mobile reading experience. We’ve been meticulous about translating the Aldiko experience to the iOS platform. The Aldiko iOS app offers the similar full features as our Android version: Get Books, Read, Bookshelf, Libraries, My Catalogs & Import.

Get Books-in the Get Book section, you can browse an extensive catalog of free books and sample books, read detailed description about each free book and sample book before you download. You can also quickly find the book that you are looking for with our powerful search tool.

Read-the reading experience is highly customizable. You can personalize your reading experience by adjusting font size, font type, font and background colors, margin, alignment, as well as screen brightness. You can also create bookmarks, highlights and notes anywhere in the book. Touch and hold any word to search for it throughout the book or look it up in dictionary. The app also offers day night and night time reading.

Bookshelf-the app offers a systematic way for your to organize your books in your bookshelf. Every book that you download is displayed in your bookshelf and is automatically tagged and made searchable. You can also make use of the categories and collections functions in the app to organize books yourself. When you resume reading, the app opens the page that you last left off.

Libraries-in the Libraries section, you can find a library near you, borrow eBooks directly from it without leaving the app. After finish reading a borrowed book, you can return it early right inside the app as well.

My Catalogs & Import-in My Catalogs section, you can add Dropbox, your favorite book catalogs or websites in order to download eBooks directly from them inside the app. You can also import eBooks into the app via iTunes.

We’re so excited to welcome iOS users. We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the best reading experience on iOS. The iOS app currently supports iPhone only, the support for iPad will come very soon. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy!
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