Aldiko Book Reader 3.0.2 update: Book Preview Feature

Many of you asked us if it’s possible to preview a book before committing to purchase it? With today’s update of the Aldiko Book Reader, we have brought you the sample feature so that you can taste the book before buying*.

If sample is available for a book, you can see the “Free sample” button at the book detail page in store. Tap on the button, the sample will be downloaded to your library. Book sample will be clearly marked in your library so that they can be identified.

In your Aldiko library, you can also easily filter books to see downloaded free samples only.

 When you finish reading the sample, you can buy the book by tapping on the price tag of the book.

Currently, sample is available to about 100k books in the store. More will be added.

With today’s update, we have also fixed some bugs such as the author edition bug.

You can download the Aldiko Book Reader Premium from here and Aldiko Book Reader from here.

Happy reading!

*At the moment, sample feature is available to Feedbooks store only. We hope that other bookstores in the Aldiko Book Reader will add sample to their catalog soon.

  • Dennis Bareis

    And still no sync?

  • RExx

    Sync please. I’m still using v2.whatever because IT can use Aldiko Sync. Which pretty much is a must when you got several devices.