Aldiko Book Reader 2.0, Coming Soon!

We have been working on Aldiko 2.0 behind the scene for awhile already, a lot of you have been asking us what Aldiko 2.0 will bring. So, what’s new? Let us share some of the highlights: in Aldiko 2.0, you will be able to

  • Read Adobe-DRMed ePub and PDF files as well as non-encrypted ePub and PDF files, that means you can use Aldiko 2.0 to read ebooks from most of the bookstores worldwide;
  • Discover, browse and download ebooks from thousands of contemporary titles (including best-sellers, new releases etc. ) as well as a large selection of high-quality free titles in the Aldiko Online Catalog;
  • Add ebooks from your local public library;
  • Import your own ebooks and documents in Adobe-DRMed ePub and PDF formats, as well as non-encrypted ePub and PDF formats;
  • Add your own catalogs so that you can have all your ebook catalogs in one place.

And, we will bring you a brand new user experience. Why wait? Join our notification list today and be the first to know when Aldiko 2.0 is available! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Aldiko) and become a fan of us on Facebook ( to keep up with the latest news of Aldiko!

We’re also looking for volunteers to help translate Aldiko 2.0 into other languages, please email us ( if you are interested. Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous


  • llasram

    Does supporting Adobe DRMed EPUBs mean Aldiko 2.0 will use the ADE renderer?

  • Rcouch

    Any more clue as to how soon “soon” means? I’ve got a few books I’m planning to buy and I can wait a week, maybe 2 (today is Dec. 9, 2010), but not longer. I can get them via the Kindle reader for my Galaxy S phone, but I’d rather use the ADE epub version….

  • ~B

    Does supporting Adobe DRM mean just Adobe ID based encryption or will it also work with Adobe Password encryption (like B&N uses)?

  • MarylandBill

    Darn, now I wish I had gone with a phone with a larger screen :) .

  • Michael

    Any chance of getting the “recent reads” shelf as a widget? It would be great to jump directly into a recent book straight from my home screen.

  • Maziar Nazar-Shahsavani

    No plans for adding your own notes to an ebook?

  • Sven

    Upgrading from an existing 1.X install causes a new program icon (identical to the old) to be installed, and the only way I found to get rid of the old one was to uninstall and reinstall, which happens to loose the library, needing to reimport the books back in.

    Also, the lack of book title on the main screen is a step backwards in usability. Not all ebooks have cover art, and those that do sometimes aren’t well suited to readability at such a reduced size.

  • Anonymous

    I found the duplicate icon kind of annoying too. However, note that you can usually remove icons from your android desktop by long-pressing them and then dragging them onto a trash-can looking icon to remove them.

  • Anonymous

    I have found that I’m unable to set my text back to non-justified with this new version, which really bugs me (the love affair that ebook reader software seems to have with justified text remains a complete mystery to me). I did go into the “more” settings and set the text alignment to “left” but it’s still fully justified. I also confess that I liked the old font better. But the new UI when you hit the menu button is great, and adding Adobe support seems like a great feature.

  • devyn geremia

    would be great to see a widget for this like the one for google books. aldiko has been ,y favorite reader from the start, but i really want a scrollable widget for my tablet. the bigger the better, unless you make one for ics, in which case we  an make it as big as we want:)