Aldiko 3.0 is here for ALL

We released the Aldiko 3.0 to premium users two weeks ago and were very glad to hear that you like the modern, holo-theme based, redesigned version of the Aldiko Book Reader. Today, we are excited to bring the Aldiko 3.0 available to all free users. For details about the Aldiko 3.0, you can check out our previous blog post here.

You can download the Aldiko Book Reader from the Google Play Store. We hope you enjoy the new and modern version of Aldiko app.

Happy reading!

  • Dennis Bareis

    Still can’t sync… Thats on my “must have checklist”.

  • Red vonBaron

    Looks like cover art editing has been removed! If so, why?

  • Indrajit Sen Gupta

    Yes cover art editing has been removed :( .. Please bring it back!

  • Anonymous

    +2 for sync. Let’s see, they said they were working on it in 2012 and went so far as to break a 3rd party product that DID sync. Good grief.