When we started Aldiko 5 years ago, we set out to change and improve the way that people access, read and organize digital content on their mobile devices. In the past years, we have been seeing millions of people around the globe are using Aldiko app to shop books from bookstores, borrow books from local libraries, import their own books, read books and organize their library on their smartphones and tablets.

Today, to help even better achieve our mission, we are thrilled to announce that Aldiko will join Feedbooks, a leading independent eBook retailer that provides an international catalog of high-quality commercial and free eBook content to readers globally. Both Aldiko and Feedbooks share a common vision of how open technologies can greatly benefit both readers and the publishing industry. We continue to commit to offering an open platform and we believe that together we can build a richer and more fluid e-reading experience to everyone. We can’t wait to offer you more innovative features and products in the near future!

Aldiko Book Reader Has Passed 20 Million Downloads!


We have a very exciting news to announce! Our Aldiko Book Reader app has just passed 20 million downloads over the weekend!

We thank you so much for your continuous support. Of course we will continue to keep our work. In the very near future, we will release the syncing feature that many of you have requested for. The feature has been in the works for a while and will enable you to sync your library, reading position, annotations and metadata across devices. Stay tuned!

Aldiko Book Reader 3.0.2 update: Book Preview Feature

Many of you asked us if it’s possible to preview a book before committing to purchase it? With today’s update of the Aldiko Book Reader, we have brought you the sample feature so that you can taste the book before buying*.

If sample is available for a book, you can see the “Free sample” button at the book detail page in store. Tap on the button, the sample will be downloaded to your library. Book sample will be clearly marked in your library so that they can be identified.

In your Aldiko library, you can also easily filter books to see downloaded free samples only.

 When you finish reading the sample, you can buy the book by tapping on the price tag of the book.

Currently, sample is available to about 100k books in the store. More will be added.

With today’s update, we have also fixed some bugs such as the author edition bug.

You can download the Aldiko Book Reader Premium from here and Aldiko Book Reader from here.

Happy reading!

*At the moment, sample feature is available to Feedbooks store only. We hope that other bookstores in the Aldiko Book Reader will add sample to their catalog soon.

Aldiko 3.0 is here for ALL

We released the Aldiko 3.0 to premium users two weeks ago and were very glad to hear that you like the modern, holo-theme based, redesigned version of the Aldiko Book Reader. Today, we are excited to bring the Aldiko 3.0 available to all free users. For details about the Aldiko 3.0, you can check out our previous blog post here.

You can download the Aldiko Book Reader from the Google Play Store. We hope you enjoy the new and modern version of Aldiko app.

Happy reading!

Aldiko 3.0 is here!

Today we have something exciting to share with you. We are releasing the Aldiko 3.0, a re-imagined version of the Aldiko Book Reader. The Aldiko 3.0 is built on a modern design, following closely the design guidelines of Holo. It features a whole new user interface, great catalog integration and easy and powerful library organization for users with lots of books. Read on to find out more.

 A Holo-themed design

The Aldiko 3.0 gets a holo-themed makeover, offering a new user experience coinciding with the release of the next generation of Android devices.

Navigation drawer

The navigation drawer is like a control where you can access all the major functions of the app. It stays on the top no matter where you go in the app, enabling you to easily navigate to different main functions of the app from anywhere from the app.

 Easy and powerful library organization

In Aldiko 3.0, we added an ability to swipe left or right to parse through navigation tabs. In your library, you can swipe through the navigation tabs to view your recent reads, your whole library and your recently added books.

All your currently reading books are under the RECENT READS tab. You can check detailed reading statistics (when the book was created, was last read and the reading progress) of your latest reading books.

All your recently added books are under the RECENTLY ADDED tab, organized in the order of added dates.

You can view your entire library in either shelf view or list view like in the previous versions. We added filter feature and additional sorting options for you to quickly find books in your library. Want to check which books are currently being read, which books have been completed or which books have not been started yet? Want to view your books by file types? You can do so swiftly with the newly added filter feature.

You can also organize your library by tags and collections like in the previous version. However, in Aldiko 3.0, we make organizing library even easier by letting you access tags and collections features anywhere in your library.

Want to delete several completed books at once? We added multi-deletion feature in Aldiko 3.0 for you to do so.

In addition, for each book, you can view the book details, your personal reading statistics, table of contents, notes & highlights as well as bookmarks of the book in one place.

Great catalog integration

In Aldiko 3.0, you can browse books in store in a much more visually beautiful way. You can also swipe through the navigation tabs to discover popular titles, best sellers, new releases, free books etc.

Besides that, we added facets/filters feature for your to find your next great read even faster. For example, while you are browsing science fiction books, you can use facets/filters to further narrow down the category, price and language of the science fiction book that you are looking for.

Easily Accessible custom catalog

Custom catalog has been a popular features in Aldiko app already. In Aldiko 3.0, we made this feature accessible much more prominently for you to add your custom catalogs.

Best-in-class mobile reading experience

The highly customizable and clean reading experience in the Aldiko Book Reader is one of the reasons why many of you like the Aldiko app. In Aldiko 3.0, we made it one step further by providing a cleaner and more click reading interface.

Aldiko has already been downloaded over 15 million times and millions of users use it to read books on the go. We’re thrilled to offer you a whole new mobile ebook experience, whether you are using phone or tablet. We will roll out the Aldiko 3.0 to Aldiko Premium users gradually starting from today. We will also release it to free users in the near future. You can download the Aldiko Premium from the Google Play store. We hope you enjoy the new and modern version of Aldiko app.

Happy reading!

Aldiko Book Reader Has Hit 15 Million Downloads!

Hooray! We’re thrilled to share another milestone: the Aldiko Book Reader has hit 15 million downloads this week! 

We would like to take the chance to sincerely thank all of you who have been supporting us over the past few years. This would not be possible without all of your support.

We have been always working tirelessly to make the Aldiko Book Reader a first-class mobile reading experience. In the very near future, we will release the Aldiko 3.0 that has been in the works for a while. Aldiko 3.0 features a complete redesign of the Aldiko Book Reader to keep it at the bleeding edge technology. Don’t forget to check out the sneak peek in the previous post.

Coming soon: Aldiko 3.0

Over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly on Aldiko 3.0, a completely redesigned version of the Aldiko Book Reader app.  The Aldiko 3.0 is coming soon. Can’t wait to see? Below is a sneak peek .

Want to be the first one to know when it’s out? You can signup the form below.

[Did you know]-how to remove books from Recent Reads section

If you filter your library by Recent Reads, all books that you are currently reading will be shown. Some of you have asked us if you don’t want some of the books shown under Recent Reads, what can you do? You can actually remove books from Recent Reads manually. Here is how:

First, filter your library in Aldiko Book Reader by Recent Reads.

After that, if you are at shelf view, just do a long press against the cover of the book that you want to remove from Recent Reads, then select “Remove from recent”; if you are at list view, just tap on the “More” icon at the right hand side of the book and then select “Remove from recent”.

“Inferno: A Novel” by Dan Brown is out!

Dan Brown’s “Inferno: A Novel” is now available in the Aldiko Book Reader. Here is how to find it:

(1) open the Aldiko Book Reader, select the “Store” icon;

(2) click on the menu key/overflow menu icon of your Android device, then select “Search”;

(3) type in “Inferno”  and hit the “Go”/ ”Search” button.

Enjoy! Happy Reading!

Here are the Oscar 2013 Winners

The results of Oscar 2013 were finally here. “Argo”, “Lincoln”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, “Les Miserables”, “Django Unchained” and “Life of Pi” won the big prizes. This year, the Oscar not only honored great movies, it also honored great writing as five out of the six biggest winners were literary adaptations. They are:


Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History


Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln


The Silver Linings Playbook


Life of Pi


Les Misérables


You can find these books in the Aldiko Book Reader. Here is how:

(1) open the Aldiko Book Reader, select the “Store” icon;
(2) click on the menu key/overflow menu icon of your Android device, then select “Search”;
(3) Just type in the title of the book you would like and hit the “Go”/ ”Search”.

Enjoy! Happy Reading!

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